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I planted a tree in the garden

In a place that was easy to view

And every time that I pass by it

It serves to remind me of you

I have tended that rose with affection

In a way that I once cared for you

It’s flowers are absolute perfection

And it has a most remarkable hue

That rose tree serves to remind me

Of the love that you and I shared

And now you are no longer with me

It’s a comfort to know that you cared

Each year that rose is covered in flowers

It continues to flourish and thrive

Each time I pass it I can hear it whisper

It gives me the impression that you are alive

Of course I know a rose cannot whisper

But the message comes directly from you

To remind me of a love that we shared

A love that was sincere and true

I know that one day I must leave the garden

And that rose will pass to somebody new

I hope that it gives them as much pleasure

As it gave me in remembering you


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