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I’ve seen many pets in my life
Though no particular variety comes to mind
When I think of what may have been a favourite
What sort what shape what kind
But of late my thoughts have turned
Away from what others might think
As I look at the fluffy objects I’ve acquired in a box
That lies open on the Kitchen sink
I fell in love with these tiny creatures
No more than a week into this world
As they nestle beside each other in the hay
With their wings so tightly curled
It was then that it sprang to my mind
What am I going to do with them now
They won’t survive in a box for long
I’ll have to re-house them somehow
So I bought some timber and made them a coop
With boarding and felt for the roof
Which would keep them safe from predators
And dry from the rain from aloof
I formed a nice exercise area
A timber frame covered with netting of wire
With height that they may stretch their wings
But deter them from flying higher
It was a pleasure to watch them grow from chicks
And watch them surely grow
Fortunately they were female pullets
And not Cockerels with a mighty crow
At least they are safe within their run
Away from predators running wild
Happy within their environment
Although not entirely beguiled
They’ll eat their food and run about
Perhaps sometimes eggs they’ll lay
Never suspecting their lives may end
When they laying eggs they are unable
They might finish up as “Coq au Vin”
Dished up on the Dining Table.


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