Falklands 30 years on

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

History is made in many forms
Not known to one and all
Some of the facts are documented
Others older persons recall
A conflict that is ever in my mind
Well past my Service time
When the biggest Armada since World War 2
Left the U K shores for the South Atlantic clime
To thwart the claim by Argentina
To seize a Sovereign Isle
That was the task of the British Military force
Carried out in their own inimitable style
But many men suffered and many men died
In the Falklands all those years ago
And many were mentally wounded
The scars of their wounds never show
For the damage to them was buried deep
In their souls and in their mind
With an ever constant reminder
Of the colleagues they left behind
The horror of battle the noise and the smell
For the survivors is with them yet
So let’s bow our heads and remember them all
Our heroes we must never forget.
As we go about our everyday chores
How many would stand and think of the cost
Of that tragic conflict in the South Atlantic
Where all those young lives were lost.


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