I won’t give up my Memories

by | Mar 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

It is a sadness you know, which has grown so very old
Like an old fable or famous legend that is always being told
Both have always had a purpose though only you know what
Whether it is to soften the heart or is it to harden the lot

The high def scenes of a movie still playing clearly in my mind
The constant telling of a story telling a horror I will always find
The blood flesh and the friendships which are so interlaced
These warm friends in terrifying nightmares of things I have faced

The warmth of all these friendships have been forged under fire
The drinking and the laughter then the screams that get higher
Till finally comes the still silence that is only punctuated by fire
The last uttering’s of friend’s last wishes as a friends life expires

Which should I remember the banters joy or the battlefields pain
It is not a difficult question but the answers never been the same
Each its own painful and hurtful part and each has a piece of pride
They each can bring me smiles of before just each on a different side

So I just let my mind wander I just leave it open and let it choose
A lottery made of my memories some memories I win but all I will lose
I could block out all of these musings all the things from the past
But I won’t deny my friends and comrades who stood by me till their last


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