Pancake Charlie

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

When Charlie made his pancakes
They were a work of art
Really light and fluffy
They never fell apart

His choice of different toppings
Were everybodys’ dream
Lemon juice and tasty jams
Topped off with clotted cream

Everyone said Charlie
Deserved a special treat
They’d put him on to Master Chef
He’d surely win his heat

But Charlie wasn’t bothered
Or influenced by fame
He didn’t want a T. V. show
To glorify his name

He didn’t want a T.V. chef
To put him to the test
All he wanted was the chance
To do what he did best

He doesn’t drive a fancy car
He doesn’t own a Harley
He’s happy in the kitchen, where
He’s known as Pancake Charlie


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