The Church of St James

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Standing there sedately
Over Oh! so many years
The background to lots of happiness
And also grief and tears
Completely set in isolation
Within railings to form the boundary fence
People use it’s Hallowed halls for prayer
Others their souls to recompense
A stately building standing there
Set in the solemnity of darkening sky
Welcoming the evening
Clouds like shrouds go drifting by
The front of the building symmetrical
With arched windows and entrance doors
Signifying this place of Worship
On Sundays after the weekly chores
Walls built in Bricks the colour of Sand
Bonded corners in bricks of Red
All well weathered by winds from the Sea
And the rainclouds from overhead
Scorched in the Summer by unyielding Sun
But has stood the rages of time so it’s said
Surrounded by paths for access
Which Parishioners regularly use
So that when they enter the church
No debris is on their shoes
Trees in evidence all around
Maybe some shrubs and a little grass
Idyllic the scene for any visitors
Who just perhaps may pass
The sign above the doors of the entrance
Shows St James Church 1706
More than 3 Centuries in time have elapsed
Since workers laid the first bricks
The centre of a small community
Which still has it’s main function today
A part of Australia’s ancient history
What more is there to say.


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