The (final) Last Supper

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Here seated now at table spread, in thrall
At words of guest invited to partake
Twas met whilst strolling home, as I recall
From whence He came; who cares ‘for Heaven’s sake’
“Our Master’s gone and since hath been forlorn”
We ventured as excuse for our visage
“A promise made that He would be reborn”
Brought forth a knowing look, from said mirage
“Your Faith for sure is tested at this time”
Didst offer understanding by His tone
“Yet still; behold the meat, sweet fruit of vine” –
“Tis here before thee; reap what hath been sown”
Then ‘Light of Life’ didst dawn upon our eyes
In truth, couldst ne’er believe in His demise


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