Our Partner

After Cloud

Welcome to the Partner Details page of After Cloud ! We are thrilled to introduce you to our esteemed partner and share how their invaluable support contributes to the growth and success of Flow For All.

Why we support FLOW


FLOW supports anyone affected by war and other trauma in their lives and does that completely free of charge. We love that they help by allowing people to write what they think in their own words so they can outpour their feelings without having to identify themselves publicly.

It gives people a chance to share how they feel in a completely safe environment and hear what other people around the world think of their writing.

As Mac says, it is a form of self-therapy and the opportunity to springboard from FLOW to other support services, including PTSD diagnosis, therapy and even Housing Support.

What we do at After Cloud

Plan your digital memory legacy
After Cloud has a portfolio of three ORCHA approved apps, which can help you to securely store those important daily thoughts, individual life moments and precious memories.

Our easy to use apps provide you with the ability to leave a lasting digital memory legacy, preserve family history, relay important information to family and friends or create your daily journal in our user-friendly, modern, intuitive mobile apps.

Moments and Timelines
As well as capturing life’s moments, imagine this was your last day on earth; what would you want to say, what thoughts or information would you want to leave behind, or what would you like to celebrate in a future without you?

What will your Timeline say about you?

Create a future post for any occasion. You are able to record your voice, write or dictate letters, upload images, create links and record in-app videos and share them as a moment or to include on your Timeline.

It’s a way of enhancing or recording a picture or image with your thoughts and with your life story. You can also celebrate an occasion or create a special meaningful moment for someone years into the future. Send messages of love with ease.

After Cloud Moments provides you with the ability to record, store and send messages on a specific future date, safe in the knowledge that future windows will remain locked and are password protected.