Our Partner

LaPD Solutions Ltd

Welcome to the Partner Details page of LaPD Solutions Ltd ! We are thrilled to introduce you to our esteemed partner and share how their invaluable support contributes to the growth and success of Flow For All.

Why we support FLOW


LaPD Solutions Ltd supports FLOW for ALL because of its work in supporting our serving members of the armed forces, veterans and their families. We also love that it has expanded into supporting anyone who has suffered trauma of any type in their lives. The ability for people to express their feelings and emotions in a safe place is so important for everyone’s mental health. Their long-term goal of securing “Springboard Homes” to temporarily house those in need is such a great idea, and we wish them every success in their venture.

What we do at LaPD Solutions Ltd

We are passionate about helping organisations develop their leaders and managers (regardless of their hierarchical position) so that they become better leaders and managers, they support their people and help them to develop and grow, and they all work hard in a unified collaboration to make their organisational culture the best it can be