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A prayer to the Goddess Juno,
With her Gold and magical Sword.
A hope to smite the enemy,
In an Operation called Overlord.

Our Country Cousins were close by,
From Omaha and Utah.
We’ll meet them for a welcome break,
Then Berlin, foot to the floor.

But as we found out, later that day,
It wasn’t that easy at all.
When we counted the cost, our cousins had lost,
Over a thousand brave men to fall.

The biggest invasion, the world had seen,
Was on the Sixth of June.
An immeasurable cost, of life and limb,
A hope it’ll not happen again soon.

The Veterans now are recounting the day
When they fought for all they were worth.
A day to remember and not to forget,
When Hell paid a visit to Earth.

So remember these men, in a way that you choose,
And those who did not come back home.
For your tomorrow they gave their today,
The freedom in which you now roam.

Lest We Forget


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