Soldier Boys

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Two boys,

Barely men

With ash blonde hair,

And soot stained skin


In a peaceful life

They would be friends, or kin,

But, in this war-torn world

Neither would live to see who would win


Both twenty-two

With, an invisible vision of victory,

Marched forth through

Troubled towns.

Both soldiers set up for different teams

In a faraway land with promised dreams


An idealistic notion

That they would return home, heroes

Mothers pacing on cobbled stones,

Rounding their edges further with

Holed soled shoes


The basic concept,

Fight or die

Or be willing to give your life

To try


Not knowing the ramification

Of their leader’s actions,

Sat in crumbling towers

Deciding their fates

A pin on a tactics board

Surrounded by a faction


Both boys fell at exactly the same hour

In a field now decorated with

Symbolic red flowers


Blonde hair, stained with blood

And, boots not fit for purpose,

Married to mud


They would never know the outcome

Or how the world would recover,

Their names a broken whisper

On the lips of each grief-stricken mother


One is eternalised in a stone

Carved of marble

That glistens in the sun,

To commemorate the soldier

Whose country fought and won


One is immortalized on a grey

Lump of stone

His name obscured by moss,

To forget the soldier who fought

And lost.


Written by Lisa Millard


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