2003 UB 313

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Americans claim to have discovered a new planet
They have labelled it simply as 2003 UB 313
It might be a very exciting discovery
But what effect will this have on you and me?

2003 UB 313 is just a lump of rock and ice
Twice as far from the sun as the planet Pluto
Circling the sun on a different orbit than the earth
These are some of the facts that we know

Three thousand kilometres across and millions of miles away
It must have been there since the world was created
No one knows if it has affected us in anyway
So the value of the discovery is one to be debated

The people who discovered it must be delighted
But was the time and money spent on it worthwhile?
Will it have done anything to solve the problems we face?
Will it make any sad and hungry want to smile?

Why is it when we have so many problems on earth?
That we spend so much time and money exploring outer space
Surely it would be better to pay more attention
To the many problems being faced by the human race


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