‘2007th’ that minute.’

by | May 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Stood in the middle of the well trodden highway of life,
My only real possessions were my pack, and old Army knife
I contemplated, how many years I had travelled,
How easily my life had become so unravelled.

I am standing there, with hate written all over my face
Just thinking how much, I detest the whole the human race
Having reached a depth, when there is no further down to go
Then appeared a little green van, through the mist and the snow.

Why now! At the wheel of the van, was an Angelic sight
With such beautiful blond hair; and with a smile oh so bright!
‘Why are you looking so down’? Came a sweet voice from the van
‘Here I am a lone woman, and there stands you a good man’.

We travelled the highways and byways, that very night
And not even a person, was there anywhere in sight
Then as night became darker, and we travelled on still
I thought of this long journey, I’d just about had my fill.

Suddenly in the distance, there a stuttering light shone
I realized my trepidations, were suddenly all gone
In the doorway of the haven, stood a figure in white
Looking out through the snow, and the deep black darkness of night.

Then whispered the Heavenly figure ‘Welcome my friend,
For here is the very place, where your long journey will end,
You have now just arrived at the doorway to Heaven,
But you’re not the last! For in this last minute, YOU are 2007.’


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