24 Hour Goodwill

by | Jan 2, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s a brand new year 2010
You’re wishing that all have good health
We repeat the phrase again and again
Even hoping they come into wealth

We’re happy and chatty and full of good cheer
And the smile doesn’t fall from our face
We go to the pub and drink up our beer
Saying cheers to the whole human race

Just one day later our goodwill is gone
We return to our introvert ways
Pass people by and speak to no-one
And act like we are all in a daze

Why can’t we keep up the joy that we feel
For strangers on New Year’s eve
Send out a message -one that is real
Even enemies might then believe

So here’s to a prosperous happy New Year
May the joy in your heart grow and last
May the world unite and eradicate fear
And make hatred a thing of the past


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