48 Hours Leave

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Fred’s uniform rubbed rough against her cheek.
A speck of grit from the train stung her eye.
His arms held her tightly and he took a peek
At the bombers flying over high in the sky.
The station was crowded with so many men,
Some with worried mum’s and dads by their sides
But she only cared when she would see him again.
On his next leave she would become his bride.

The two days had gone by so quickly, alas.
She had waited so long for him to come back.
Then came his letter saying he had a 48 hour pass
From out of the postman’s half empty sack.
She read the letter and her heart missed a beat
And she ran for the bus, caught the green 28B.
She reached the station and there sat on the seat
Was her special sailor boy home from the sea.

He scooped her up close and hugged her tight
And the folks passing by smiled and sighed.
To see someone happy was now too rare a sight.
“Did you miss me” he said, “Not much” she lied.
She took him to her home and he met her Dad,
The men went walking down the garden path.
Mum said for her not to worry, he seemed a likeable lad.
“Married!” said Dad. “You don’t do things by half”.

Last night close together they danced slowly round,
Completely lost in a world of their own.
Floating on the music, not even touching the ground,
Wishing they could already have their own home.
If last night’s dance could of lasted forever,
If only each second could of lasted a week.
They wouldn’t need to cling so tightly together,
With his uniform rubbing rough against her cheek

Why did the time fly by so dreadfully fast?
There they were, back at the station again.
So many couples trying to make the time last,
To keep away that dreaded moment of pain.
She tried so hard not to think of what might be,
Will he be safe? Will he come back quite soon?
He will be sailing tomorrow, back out to sea,
In her head she still hears their favorite tune.

The guard waved a flag and the whistle he blew.
Fred had to pull himself away from her arms.
Leaning out of the carriage and in that minute he knew,
He may never again see her sweet loving charms.
He looked into her eyes, so deep and as blue as the sky,
It was like looking into the depths of the sea.
Fear gripped her heart, this was “My Love, Goodbye.”
His last words were “Please, don’t forget about me.”

She stood on the pier looking out at the sea,
Remembering those days from a life time ago.
Thinking about her first love and the 48 hour leave
And watched the waves wash the beach to and fro.
They were so young then and love was so sweet,
Each second to be stored deep in your heart.
You never knew in the war if you would again meet
Or if, sadly, forever you would be apart.

Memories haunted her thoughts as she stood,
A few tears slowly ran down her face.
For those years long ago and she knew she would
Leave a part of her heart back in that place.
“Granny” a little voice said “Will Granddad be long?”
“He promised to take me in a boat on the sea”
With a smile she nodded and hummed their special song
“When my sailor boy came safely home to me”.


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