’55 AD Wings of Pride’

by | Apr 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As on mighty wings of fear they ride,
Air Despatchers fly with greatest pride,
To drop supplies for Warriors lean,
That fight the foe in deep jungles green.

Though every flight is death unseen,
Each Despatcher’s pride is very keen,
For a job that gives him joy yet tears,
With iron will to control his fears.

They all load full these old army planes,
Enduring the sweat, and sometimes pain,
Knowing their friends needed food and guns,
Today they’d do, maybe three whole runs.

Then the news comes through, to those at base,
Plane has crashed, as in many a case,
Pilots and crew may have lost their lives,
Sad words to be sent to Mums and wives.

We wait in silence for any news
Despatchers wait in rank and queues
Then solemn comes the most dreaded sum,
No one survived, Not ere a one!

We stand in silence, bare heads now bowed,
Many a tear falls in this tough crowd
Their friends are lost, doing Army’s work,
But work starts again; never to shirk.

Golden Dakota on blue background,
Men doing their job, no slacking found,
With sheer guts they go, for the long ride,
AD spells Courage, and Awesome Pride.


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