A bad decision

by | Feb 15, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

A bad decision
That I refuse to admit
Justification to myself
I lie, believe, and ignore
What good sense I have left
Independence is hearsay
I’ve heard it all
Saying nothing for my hesitations
A test?
Or mistake?
Maybe a three in one deal
Yet I stay
Waiting for that door
Please shut it gently on your way out
The swift sound of a slam…
Never resounds well with me
Sit and wait to be summoned
Trying not to bother
These actions are shedding light
It’s ok
I understand
You lied, thinking you spoke truth
You don’t know
I care to be in your sight
Everyday proves your differing opinion
They pursue me
Care to be around me
Why now?
Maybe because now…. You don’t


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