A call from afar

by | Oct 4, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

He calls from a world

That’s torn apart,

Where love is forgotten

And the children starve,

The hell of a war

Is raging high,

The U-N do help

As the people cry.

He’s the voice of a loved one

So far away,

The distance is obvious

And there is much to say,

As the line breaks up

The heart breaks down,

You grasp at words

That can’t be found.

There is no time to waste

Choose the words with care,

Like! Be happy! Love you!

And don’t take a dare,

While we wait for a call

On another day,

We’ll think of the things

We need to say.

In the meantime let’s pray

God bless them all,

We’ll look forward to peace

Then we won’t need a call.


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