A Christmas wish

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It was the night before Christmas
The house was so still
Except for a young child
At the window sill

Crouched on her bed
Silently praying
Hoping that Santa
Could hear what she’s saying

A single teardrop
Falls down her cheek
As she quietly and softly
Begins to speak

“Dearest Santa
Please hear my prayer
As I’ve only one wish
For Christmas this year

Please do not leave presents
Under my Christmas tree
There is something more special
You can bring for me

It does not cost money
Need wrapping or making
But I know if you bring it
My heart would stop breaking

All that I ask
Is for my daddy to come home
To be with his family
Not spending Christmas alone

My daddy is a soldier
Who’s been posted away
So he cannot be with me
On Christmas Day

He’s fighting for peace
In a far off land
Alongside other soldiers
Far away in the sand

You may think I’m selfish
But I just want him home
No daddy should ever
Have to spend Christmas alone”

She ended by saying “Thank you Santa”
Then snuggled down into bed
With thoughts of her daddy pleasantly passing
Inside her sweet little head

High on the roof tops
Santa was listening
Through his fluffy white beard
His teardrops were glistening

He’d heard every word
This little girl had spoken
He then vowed to himself
Her wish wouldn’t be broken

So into his sleigh he climbed once more
Took a firm grip hold of the reins
With a magical spell and a “Ho, Ho, Ho”
He took to the skies once again

The reindeer flew over land and sea
To the place where brave soldiers roam
A little girl’s wish was going to be granted
Her daddy was going to come home

When Santa arrived, what he saw were brave soldiers
Each with a battle worn look on their face
They thought they were dreaming until Santa proclaimed
“I’m taking you out of this place”

Then he told, of the little girl
Praying at her window alone
That her only wish, for Christmas this year
Was for her soldier daddy, to come home

The soldiers then turned and looked at each other
In agreement each nodded their head
Then in true military style, one by one
They stepped silently onto the sled

When the last soldier boarded, Santa then turned
The sleigh round and took to the skies
With one last look back, the soldiers then wept
Relief now showed in their eyes

As each soldier reached home, they said their farewells
Until only one soldier remained
He then looked at Santa with a questioning smile
‘Was it my daughter, to whom you pertained?”

“Indeed it was” said Santa proudly
Your daughter’s prayer touched my heart
A simple wish, from an innocent child
Allowed tonight’s magic to start

Prayers had been answered, miracles do happen
This year, soldiers would not be alone
Instead they’d be warm, happy and safe
Spending Christmas with loved ones at home

What do you ask, of the little girl?
Who sat praying at her window alone
Well, she was snuggled up beside her daddy
Knowing Santa had brought him home.


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