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As we walked down that country lane
I felt I would not be the same
The two of us were hand in hand
Both unaware what fate had planned

How innocence had led the way
To be together on that day
We marvelled at the azure sky
As butterflies and birds flew by

Our senses reeled with every sound
That came to us from miles around
But rapture like this could not last
And fate’s cruel hand was closing fast

All too soon that glorious day
So quickly turned from blue to grey
In between wild lightning flashes
Came the thunder’s mighty crashes

We ran and ran but all in vain
To find a refuge from the rain
Which filled the streams and valley floor
Until their banks could take no more

And now there was no place to hide
From pouring rain and rising tide
I held her hand and heard her scream
But could not stop the swollen stream

From dragging her away from me
So quickly that I could not see
No solace would I ever find
I had to choose, make up my mind

The stream then took me to that place
Where I would ever see her face
Where we could both forever be
Lovers for eternity


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