A cry for help

by | Apr 3, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Some years ago a cry was heard
A cry for help from far away
So we shoulderd arms and packed our bags
Ne’er a questioning word did we say.

To airport,dockside,by bus and train
loved ones wept and waved goodbye
Eyes front!dont look back
Least we see yon watered eye.

Rifle cleaned and stowed away
kitbag full to burstin’
Tropic lands await us
Damp and wet and steamy

No question of what we do
We’re here to help Malaya
Rid them of the Commie bastards
Show ’em what we’re made of.

When job were done and home we went
To welcome arms we left behind
We’d sit and chat and sleep in peace
Expecting nowt from you our friend.

A medal struck such a shock
what for? we ask in deep suprise
for helping us in time of need
wear it on yer chest wi’ pride

The Queen says yes lads its ok
the MOD say different!
I’ll wear it Ma-am cos its mine
The MOD can go where the sun dont shine.


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