A darkness moves over this land

by | Mar 9, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A darkness moves over the land
It is caused by man
All part of his master plan
Something to do with being the top man

Dark ghouls move from battle to battle
Collecting souls as if they were cattle
They put them in a box and let them rattle

They have no eyes just empty dark sockets
And grimy lifeless hands that hang by their pockets
Until that time when your soul is to be taken
At your last gasps of breath that you are making

They reach down and pull at your soul
Freeing it from the mud and the soil
All your life for which you have toiled
Seems so unfair to have died for another
One that you could not have called brother
You can almost hear the screams from your mother

For what is it that you fight for
Can’t you see there is no glory in war?
Especially man’s war
Sometimes so futile and stupid
A decision is made
Human life is what has to be paid

The ghouls will always be kept busy
As man moves from city to city
What a waste it is such a pity


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