A Day in the life of Basil B

by | Dec 14, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Right Honourable, Bombardier,

Sir Basil Bertrand Bertie B. Barrowcliffe,

of the Bundespost,

banks at the Bundesbank,

on breezy bank days, with his billowing brolly,

before his brief bite of bovine, breakfast, bratwurst;

burnt bacon;

boiled, Bockhorster, bockwurst

and brown, borrowed, Bovril, beverage;

before catching a blue bike,

a ‘bendy’ bus, a big black barge, a bright boat

and the Bundesbahn,

to the Bundespost’s beautiful,

beige, but blowing,

basement garden,

in Baden Baden !!!

PARDON !!!!!


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