A Day off work!

by | Sep 1, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Get out of bed, slurp coffee, wash and dress.
Get into the car, main road, traffic, stress.
Put the radio on, listening to the news.
Raining now, I’ve caught the workday blues.

I’m walking in the office, turning the computer on.
I’m sorting out the things that are going wrong.
More coffee, lunch and working through this day.
I must do this for a mortgage I must pay!

I’m looking forward to a day away from this.
Time off work is considered to be bliss.
I’ve packed my kit and head off in the car.
The country side is rarely very far.

Got my boots on now and walking in the sun.
I’m working hard but this types much more fun.
Heading uphill, eyes open for the views.
It’s the fastest way to loose the work day blues.

I’m sat on top and opening up my flask.
The getting here has been a worthwhile task.
I’m just taking in the peace and beauty here.
The reason why I enjoy this is very loud and clear.

The time moves on, it’s time to head on back.
My flask put away and I’m heading down the track.
Drive my car back home and weary bones to rest.
To spend a day like this is simply just the best.

I’m off back to work and following the ‘grey’ routine.
That day away seems now a distant dream.
My day away spent walking those happy miles.
That’s a day that replaces the routine with a smile.

Till the next day off then!
(Happy memories of Wales and the Lake District)


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