by | Sep 24, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Crimson soul agile afar,
Intrinsic jaunt with glaring star,
Tepid vein in algid shire,
Obversing mantel across briar.

Enjoying jest life with howl,
Jovial charade without foul,
Frolicsome school carolling swirls,
Zealous seraphim’s sprinkling pearls.

Thaw! upheaval flame ep allied noose,
Giant cluster anent to loose,
whose sceptic, who’s thiest,
Almighty implies garnets as schiest.

Alas! Obtuse ladiff in a diminishing arbour,
vepid emperor without armour,
Immortal yore,aggrieve tale,
Oh tenant! It’s a dervish vale.


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