A Dying Soldier

by | Oct 8, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Alone in the shadows enveloped in the bitter cold gloom of death.

Darkness creeps and wraps itself around you, it whispers in your ear
You cry out to comrades, but they are already gone
Inside you’re crying, waiting for that last breath.
Numbness shrouds you, it takes over your body, you feel no pain.
Gleaming red blood flows from the lethal bullet wound in your side.

Staring into the stillness that’s filling the air around you.
Only suffering now for those loved ones you leave behind
Lying in your bleak grave of painful deaths already done
Death is coming now peace is close by your side
In the darkness your soul lights the way
Eyes once full of pain are hollow and empty now
Remember us always as time goes by.


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