A Fair wind is Blowing

by | Apr 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Think back to those days not long ago
When happiness prevailed
And you rode on the wave of Life’s ocean
On the ship of Love you sailed
The sky above was cloudless
The water a sparkling blue
And then the world was your oyster
Out there and waiting for you
But the path of life is not quite the same
With many a twist and a turn
And it is only as we grow older
There are frailties that we learn
Which are there it seems to taint the joys
That you and your Family once knew
Though it’s hard at times to realize
The way to see the problems though
That the hand that you’ve now been dealt
In this game of Life you’re playing
Can only be handled with love and compassion
And I know it goes without saying
That they’re both there in abundance
And perhaps to set you free
From the sadness that is within you
About the Mum of your Family
So open wide the windows
Of this sad and lonely room
Which brings you this anxiety
Full of sorrow and gloom
Unlock these doors of misery
With arms wide and an open heart
And enjoy the Spring and the flowers in bloom
To welcome to your world a new start
Encourage some happiness back into your life
At the end of that tunnel is light
A solution to your problems is waiting for you
Not far away but out of sight
The decisions you made were hard ones
To bring to the end the pain
And now with your growing confidence
Mum will soon be walking again
So look boldly again to the future
Erase sadness and sorrow from your mind
And you’ll sail again on Life’s Ocean
And leave your troubles in the wake behind.


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