A field of peace

by | Apr 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I never contemplated God, as such.

No thought, no use, no need of crutch

To help me through a day. At night,

I thought of our mere transient mortality.

My love, my kids, my grandsons too,

The centre of my life, my needs.

Have I truly helped them? I often think

Now, not enough. Regrets? Not so.

Given such problems others generate.

The desert is vast, unyielding, the heat

Is all pervasive. We all here sweat,

A lot is said of our return. But,

Did we think before we came?

Did we love, embrace, inform, discuss?

Is the loss we feel here quite enough

To ensure that all adjusted, all just so,

Returned to better than before?

Will it matter? Tremendous grief,

And pain. Disgust amidst combat?

Childhood loss of innocence,

Of dignity, of blood. It’s never fair.

I often think of their life now.

Will what was done influence their view

Of forces used, to quell their land?

Did it matter, once under tyrant hand?

I hope the hate and bombing cease,

Allah. Give them hope and time to see

A future. Though in turmoil now,

Life will return. A field of Peace.


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