A flower of the mountain

by | May 10, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I would grow beside the cool crystal water
To bear witness to the birth of its being
With its orchestration of musical sound
Pure and sweet in its joy of living
Tumbling and twisting and rushing to be
A winding river that leads to the sea

I would unfurl mine eye to meet the sun
And there in its light an eagle is soaring
With powerful ease and beauty sublime
Bronzed and golden wings far- reaching
Rising and falling and proud to be
Untamed, unfettered and wild like me

For the flower I’d be, is the person I am
A seasoned survivor through adversity
With delicate strength of gentian blue
Uncomplicated in my simplicity
Alone, but oh; never lonely am I
In such beauty, at one with the sky


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