A Good Night’s Sleep

by | Apr 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Brave soldiers they sleep
On make-shift beds
With their weapons close by
As they rest their heads

When they’re on stag
Sleep seems like a gift
A two whole hours
Before their next shift

Then there are the sirens
Waking them from slumber
They lay face down upon the floor
As missiles pass by like thunder

There’s calm once more
The thunder has passed
As the all clear sounds
How long will it last?

Operations are worse
It isn’t a joke
With no sleep for days
For our brave soldier folk

But our soldiers they’ll rest anywhere
Be it bed or sandy floor
Grabbing all the sleep they can
Before thunder strikes once more

So at night please pray for those soldiers
For their safety and their keep
Remembering to pray for them
To have A Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night, God Bless Brave Hearts, Sleep Tight


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