‘A Japanese garden’

by | May 26, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

A Japanese garden on soft Summer’s night,
will stun and amaze you in the pale Moonlight
The Willow tree weeps over shimmering lake
Bordered white shingle caressed with rake.

The tall bamboo sways in thin slende grace,
and Bonsai bushes show honourable face,
Azaleas blossom, preening their flowers,
glisten with colour, after constant showers.

Bright coloured Carp, ripple dark peaceful pool,
whilst deep moving shadows are playing the fool.
In a small Pagoda where Shinto is blest,
Sumurai kneel in their Kimonos and vest.

True Kendo is taught on manicured lawn,
beyond wooden bridge, where this garden was born.
Bright coloured lanterns create garland of light,
an amazing sight on this hot Nippon night.


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