A Knights Fable

by | May 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I smell the depth of sweet country air
Just to gaze in awe over vale and wold
I see past times of my country so fair
And I visualise many tales untold.

The fairest maidens with their golden locks
All laughing gaily as the hay they bale
Showing a glimpse of their black woollen socks
And skirts billowing, like great ships at sail.

The woeful grunts of a great fighting horse
As to practise, the master knight then toils
With his sturdy lance and broadsword of course
He will fight for honour’s ensuing spoils.

The pageant began with a trumpet call
Into arena gallops knight in black
His vow, is to make the kings knight fall
And his severed head put into a sack.

A deathly hush descends upon the vale
As peoples knight with pennant flying proud
Starts fable many a folk will regale
Vanquishing black knight before English crowd.

Screaming clash of lances and spurts of blood
And with venom the two mighty knights clash
As into their flesh steel lances do thud
Then one of them falls with a mighty crash.

Hot blood oozing out of their bodies deep
The bold knights stagger into broadsword fight
A gasp from the crowd, as with mighty sweep
The good knight’s sharp broadsword, cuts sure and right.

Burying the vile knight in sack so coarse
They buried him deep in a forest glen
And right alongside him they put his horse
After taking his money: Guilders ten.


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