‘A knight’s long ride’

by | May 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Leaning hard against bloodstained battlement wall
Whilst on the ground foreign mercenaries lay
Heard from hills afar; a maidens plaintive call
That sound would haunt him yet to his dying day.

Wiping gory blood from blade of shining steel
Fell to battle worn knees for prayers to give
To thank the good lord for giving him this day
So that all the poor folk could in peace now live.

A soft wet nostril found the scars on his face
Pegasus his mount was again by his side
Still ready for battle with such pride and grace
Questioning not the forthcoming deadly ride.

Into the saddle sprang the noble good knight
Not for a moment did he falter and stay
Yet rode forth to the maiden, in golden light
As bright morning sun threw a brilliant ray.

The knight of glory rode over hill and dale
His face set with intent on seeking his quest
He rode day and night till his face was quite pale
Yet his mount ran strong at its masters behest.

There seen in the distant was a motley crowd
And a pyre of wood with a maid tied atop
As to burn the young girl they screamed aloud
Nor words from the king could make these heathens stop.

The earth flew ever fast beneath the horses hooves
See the knights great silver sword from scabbard flash
Through the screaming crowd the sharp weapon cut grooves
Then the maiden was free with one mighty slash.

Into sunset the bewitching couple rode
The maidens arms around the knights sturdy neck
Married they were; or so it has been told
In less then a month, he died a sad worn wreck.

The poor knight they buried in dark deep grave
With his mighty horse, that had earlier died
If only he’d known she would make him her slave
He might never have made that long awesome ride.


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