A l p h a b e t

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“A” is for the Alphabet a perfect way to start
“B” is for the Bright ones who think that they are smart
“C” is for Contrary how some folks seem to be
“D” is for Donations to any Charity
“E” for Elementary easy for beginners
“F” is Flatulence after eating heavy dinners
“G” is for Great when you’re feeling fine
“H” for Happiness as in the chair you recline
“I” is for Incipid the medicine you take
“J” is for Jaccussi a bath that bubbles make
“K” is for Katamaran if you like to sail
“L” is for Letters posted in the mail
“M” is always for Mother in everybody’s thoughts
“N” is for Nonsense rubbish of all sorts
“O” is for Obsequiety if you try to impress
“P” is for the Pinafore that covers up your dr4ess
“Q” is for Questions asked to fill a form
“R” may be for Rebels who always resist reform
“S” is for the Snowflakes as they form a carpet of white
“T” is for Thanks a lot if you are feeling very polite
“U” for the trusty Umbrella to keep out the rain
“V” is the sign of Victory as you win once again
“W” is the right Wavelength in order to understand
“X” is for Xenophobia dislike of Foreigners in the land
“Y” is for Yodelling as used by the Swiss
“Z” is for Zebedee the youngsters would never miss

And the reason that I have written these words
Trying to make the Alphabet rhyme
It helps to keep a sense of humour
And enjoy an amusing pastime


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