A lassie’s dream

by | Apr 1, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Is there ever a time when you sit and think
Of how your life could have been
Would you really have altered many things
For many you couldn’t have foreseen
Think to the times when a Lass at school
Many a laugh you had with your mates
Or perhaps there was a special someone
You’d meet at the garden gates
Of the times you’d go to parties
Perhaps even your first dance
And the lads with their standard chat-up lines
Hoping you’d give them a chance
Of a date to go to the Cinema
Or just an innocent walk in the Park
But always with a warning from your Dad
To make sure you were home by dark
But your mind travels on to the lad that you met
Who from your feelings you tried to hide
And then the inevitable happened
And Prince Charming asked you to be his Bride
From there the two of you travelled on
Your inspiration a Service life
For your Husband a career in the RAF
And for you a Serviceman’s Wife
At first the time it seemed to stand still
Each moment you were living your dream
But then the years gathered momentum
And the speed that they passed was extreme
In that time you had many a laugh
And I dare say you shed a few tears
Not least as you looked back at the Guardroom, for the last time
Where have they gone those 38 years
So now you have to move forward
To a full life in “civvy street”
Knowing it could be a daunting task
New colleagues and friends to meet
But instead of staying in Barracks or Quarters
A house of your own you’d acquire
Away from the humdrum of the City
With a nice garden where you’d sit and retire
Tho’ now and again life has it’s snags
And the hand that you’re dealt may seem rough
Adversity often builds extra determination
To fight when the going gets tough
I thought these words I’d write for you Dear Friend
Because I honestly & truly believe
When you’ve read them it will give you a lift to your Life
Especially as it’s CHRISTMAS EVE.


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