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I’m writing this letter, I want you to know
I’m thinking about you wherever I go.
I travel the wide world to lands far away.
I long to be with you, I wish I could stay.
I fight to bring freedom, to help the oppressed.
I vowed to my Country that I’d do my best.
One day I’ll be back to the warmth of your heart
and hope that we never again have to part.
Until then my darling, keep thinking of me,
embroiled in the struggle to keep the world free.
The strength of our love carries me through the fight
and builds my resolve in the darkness of night.
No matter what happens, what ‘ere may befall
I just want to tell you that you are my all.
The pow’r of your love wraps me up, keeps me warm,
Holds me safe in the night and shields me from harm.


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