A Man will die tonight !

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Have you ever had an inner voice,
A sixth-sense or a hunch ?
I had one late this morning
Whilst travelling to lunch

Sitting on the upper deck
A London bus below me
A man was sitting opposite
His face as sad could be

I couldn’t tear my stare from him
Death hung round his face
A dark and swirling aura
My thoughts began to race

An inner voice it told me
‘ just follow where he goes ‘
I felt a death surround him
I shook down to my toes

The voice it kept repeating
‘ A man will die tonight ‘
Could I change the future ?
Follow out of sight ?

Oblivious to my mind games
The Man got up to leave
Down the stairs I followed
Unable to believe

I shadowed down the pavements
Across deserted streets
He never saw me stalking him
He never heard my feet

Then an engine roaring
A screeching from the grave
Bearing down upon the Man
Tonight a life I’d save

He didn’t see it coming
He stepped out in the road
The car was nearly on him
I switched to ‘ Hero ‘ mode

I run and push him in the clear
To live another day
He’s lying on the pavement
His life I’ve really saved

He comes across, stands next to me
A body’s on the floor
His death mask now has gone from him
His face alive once more

We look down on the body
Wide eyes stare back at us
Why won’t this man just talk to me ?
I wouldn’t cause a fuss

I try to touch his shoulder
My hand it disappears
I shout at him to answer me
It falls upon ‘ Deaf ears ‘

I look back at the body
The face the same as mine
It’s only then I realise
Tonight had been ‘ My time ‘

My inner voice had warned me
My hunch had turned out right
A pre-ordained event in time
‘ A Man will die tonight ‘


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