A Mediterranean storm

by | Nov 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The heat presses down so heavy on my body
My skin feels like there is a fire inside
I look out and see the horizon grow darker
Nature controls the skies and the tide

Nothing is moving, not a breeze or a leaf
Like the end of time is descending
Not even the flight of a solitary bird
Is the world as we know it now ending?

The air seems to grow so thick all around
As in anticipation of what it will do
It holds you right there unable to move
Dou know its gathering and waiting too

Clouds of black, yellow and mauve roll in
Darkness comes down sultry and low
Out there the waves start to roll in stronger
Then a small flash, just a hint of a glow

In the distance a rumble vibrates around
You can’t run, it will always win
It is coming in closer and you feel a splat
A drop of rain like a sting on your skin

The wind now gathers up its strength
While a crack over head splits the air
The heavens now open and rain cascades down
With fascination you stand there and stare

The thunder booms and roars over head
White lightening flickers and flashes
The gods in the heavens have all gone mad
As ocean and sky fight with lashes

The darkness slowly loses its grip
The noise gradually fades away
The sea turns to galloping white horses dancing
And the night turns back into day

The air that I breathe is now fresh and new
Soft rain falls down on my skin
Colours are brighter, my world has been cleansed
Once again I’m at peace within.


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