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T’was the night before Christmas, and we moaners are still out…
But now joined by other moaners, we hear them shout…
In Britain they do not want us there,
So to make a reply is only fair.

We who ‘moan’ at our Nation do not intend any offence.
And should be afforded some tolerance.
In this the time of the Saviour’s birth.
There is nothing wrong with some seasonal mirth.

In the Nation of the ‘free’ we do beseech
That there is a respect for free speech.
So whether we ‘moan’ or just have our say
We will speak our mind freely…come what may

But those who moan about ‘moaners’ lack subtlety of wit
When they are acting like a hypocrite.
So those who moan about ’moaners’, one and all
Come join us in China next Winterval.


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