A new World is born

by | Jun 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

So suddenly the silver moon glides over bed of night
Yet under-neath soft veil of cloud, the stars are tucked up tight
Bright moon beams race across the sky to bathe the world below
Then trees with shadow fingertips write stories in the snow.

Figures creep up every wall to pirouette and dance
Then climb in every window without a backward glance
And gleefully these clowns all dance, and children soundly sleep
Little ones have said thier prayers; dear Lord thier souls to keep.

SUDDENLY, these dark shadows wilt, and slide down bedroom wall
To snake across the side-walk bright, and down all buildings tall
From sky in East a light does shine to chase away the night
Then just like magic, day soon arrives, and all cold but bright


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