A night on the town

by | May 10, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A Night on the piss
Every jocks wish
To spend his beer tokens
With his mates laughing and joking

Power nap after scoff
Shower and shave
Pull on your new jeans and top
Check in the mirror
Looking good as you knew you would

Into the NAAFI
Few scoops before we go
Chat up the NAAFI bird
How can you sink so low?
All your mates say OH NO

Scoops have been downed
It’s off down the town
Looking for the liveliest pub
Where all the nice birds hang around

You try to impress
But now you are a mess
The booze has hit home
And your eyes start to roam

Anyone will do
Ninety nine knock backs ensue
But only one will do

A great time we have had
No birds to be had
It’s back to the lines
This Kebab is all mine

Wake in the morning
Kebab on my face
If my Mammy could see me
She would say I was a disgrace

My head starts to pound
I need another round
We start to get ready for another
Night on the town


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