A Nurse Abroad

by | Sep 6, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

The mirror showed a reflection
of a woman in her prime
thirty years behind her
knowledge in her eyes

She’d seen the world
travelled far and wide
had cried with joy
celebrated life

Mourned lost friends
cried with grief
known love and hate
been a rock

Sun bleached hair
framed her face
an image
of compassion

She’d found faith
when it was lost
had given hope
when their was none

Asked for nothing
in return
to have been there
was enough

Felt proud
was humbled
to be honoured
in this way

A touch of lipstick
a nervous smile
her thoughts collected
she was ready

‘We are gathered
here today
to reward
a dear friend,
for her loyalty
and humanity
through war
and in famine,
ladies and Gentlemen
I give you
a remarkable woman’


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