A perfect summer night

by | Jun 23, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Two lovers enjoy the early evening sun,
Their idle chatter disturbed by the arrival of the one.
The one who has been drinking, the one who wants to fight.
The one who’ll shatter a mind on that perfect summer night.

Insults hurled by the one, ignored by the two.
But soon the one is six, what then can the two do ?
The lovers hearts pound with fear, heads wishing for flight
But there’s no safety to be found on that perfect summer night.

The one smacks the face of the man of the two,
Burning hot rage and anger come bursting through.
Launch fists like missiles at the one in his sight,
Time slows and sound stops, on that perfect summer night.

Adrenaline coursing, senses overwhelmed, body numb.
Fists and feet of the six, obscuring the sun.
Grab shirt ! push away ! In an effort to stay upright.
He mustn’t go down, on that perfect summer night.

Punches and kicks. Blows from foot and from hand.
Fly in from all directions, some miss but most land.
Aware of nothing but the terror at his plight,
the blood starts to flow, on that perfect summer night.

An eternity passes, with scarcely a breath.
Fighting for life. Terrified of death.
Slowly the combatants tire of their spite,
dropping out one by one, on that perfect summer night.

Now it’s the one, and the man of the two.
Standing. Taking stock. Not sure what to do.
Blood mixes with snot, face a terrible sight.
How will it end, on that perfect summer night ?

The lovers walk away, leaving insult behind.
Nurses tend to his wounds, but who tends to his mind ?
Their life moves along, but with an undiscovered blight.
For him, it didn’t end, on that perfect summer night.


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