A Politicians Slaughter

by | Mar 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Softened moonlight on glinting deadly steel passing over the battlefield
Blood pooled in black, a man’s life left behind the moon still smiling down
Shadows casting across a scorched land, torture and death still at hand

Misplaced guidance by a misplaced limb, and soldiers who can never return
An error of judgement I am sure they will say the cause for the butchery so far away
But no error was made on the part of the men, they went out and died and cannot do that again

As dawns probing fingers lifts up those gone, casting new colour on the blood of mothers born
Golden glint on the metal that dealt out such death, now left to revel in its effectiveness
Dreams and hopes of mothers destroyed, hopes and ambitions of boys lost and gone

A wife still dreaming not yet knowing the truth, children still waiting for daddy to come home
As many lives touched as corpses touched by the sun on the daybreak of this dreadful morn
As the sun climbs higher chasing off the night feeders who have fed on the bodies of men

Still war will be fought across the globe no lessons learnt from the price to be paid
Good reason they will say as they have all said before not counting the cost of war anymore
Only the parents , the wifes and the child will know the true cost of the folly of swollen pride
Yet still we hear the politicians age old excuse, “in the national interests” of his companies shares


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