A Prayer

by | May 6, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh Lord your love like water flows
in sparkling mountain streams,
Cascading down to earth below,
The maker of life’s dreams.

It feeds the buoyant fertile soil,
Brings smiles to furrowed brows,
Like grain it feeds the folk that toil,
and strengthens yet their vows.

Bestow the light of guiding sword
on thieves and beggars still,
for they shall see the coming Lord
and so shall do thy will.

Anoint the heads of warriors brave,
their country they protect,
their children be no other’s slave,
no headstones to erect.

And so we pray to thee dear Lord,
our homes and folk to keep,
defend us from the venging sword.
And guide us Lord; Your sheep.



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