A Promise is a Promise

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The letter came and I wondered what to say
As I held it in my hands
As his father had made a promise to return to him that day

I walked into his bedroom and I turned to him and said
“My darling Daddy’s not coming home” and he looked up from his bed

“I know that Daddy’s not coming home to stay here anymore
He stopped to see on his way to heaven just once more
He said he’d promised to see me when he got back
And a promise is a promise he told me flat

“I’ll love you till the stars fall out the sky
And tell your Mom I love her, but I know she’ll cry
I love you both and I’ll see you when you’re done
And when you’re up in heaven to the pearly gates I’ll run
And we’ll be together just you wait and see
Because you are the sun and moon to me”

Then Daddy left and gave me this for you”
I looked down at my son’s tiny hand and knew
For in it was a clip on which flew butterflies
And straight away the tears came to my eyes

I cried because I knew he told the truth
Because I’d given it to his father before he’d joined his troop
And felt that all my happiness had gone
On that terrible day during the storm

I held the clip in my hands once more
Then kissed my child and walked out of the door
I put the clip into my hair as old
And I knew my husband was okay once more
Because he’d kept a promise to show us both
That we meant the most to him no matter what


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