‘A road to peace’

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I gaze upon life’s highways with its bickering and spite,
And its petty jealousies, and disregard for human life,
I despair at the thinking, as still we send good folk to war,
Do we so find that life is tiresome, and just a bloody bore.?

As I stride along these highways, and I see each weary face,
I wonder what now has happened, to this our human race,
Have we just become blood thirsty;? Do we seek more than we gain.?
Does it matter not the bloodshed; Does it matter not the pain.?

Hear God’s voice! To the people in whose own image he did make
His patience will continue not, he will send a cleansing quake.
Walking this uneven pathway, should we not think hard and long,
Let us all join hands together, and let’s sing a peaceful song.

Let’s sing of love and friendship; walk this road with a smiling face,
God will ever thank our forethought: He will bless us with his grace.



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