A Sailor and the Sea

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The navy was my dear Father’s life,
And the sea was his rival and friend
The wintry waters around the UK
Would welcome him at each trips end
Steel grey churning with white caps racing
The tide crashed against the rocks ashore
In daylight hours the screech of the sea birds
At night the Luftwaffe screamed even more

For the hours he stood on the open bridge
With the deafening roar all around
The wind and waves would bombard the ship
And he would dream of being homeward bound
The turbulent and brutal Arctic convoys
Turned his face to a leathery mask
The spray and the salt would freeze on his skin
Shouting above the Atlantic was no easy task

Then sometimes on a Mediterranean night
Under the starlight, a dangerous night sky
He would have to stand watch for hours on end
Watching for U-boats or planes to come by
Off duty moments would be spent serene
The sea would be calm and the solitude good
If the rigours of war didn’t disturb his thoughts
He would write home to Mum when he could

The Far Eastern shores and skies of azure blue
Would feel like a tender caress of the senses
Delphinium blue waters and white coral reefs
The ocean recognises no restricting fences
Now my Father can continue roaming the world
His ashes were placed in his beloved sea
The Royal Navy took him out to Spithead
Now he is out there waiting somewhere for me


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