by | Jun 17, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

A slowly setting sun radiates through
The departing storm clouds that beat a retreat
Back to a place beyond the darkened trees,
Where, just moments earlier, heavy rain fell.
Absorbed by the earth, its spent force and power
Lies in a far-away field, where poppies bloom,
Amidst green wheat, awaiting its harvest;
And the ploughed soil is disturbed, once more,
Always a reminder of another time
And another place, where bright-faced youth
Fell amongst the scarlet poppies and saw,
No more, a fresh dawning day or setting sun.
Should it not, therefore, be required of us
To open up our hearts to His great love
That always shines, despite the gathering gloom,
Where birds sing sweetly of life’s eternal round
And tears are shed for a love that is profound.


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