A Smile on Waking

by | Dec 11, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Fear taps on my eyelids
Asking me to open them
To a world of darkness
But I refuse
“Go away” say I
“Attack another
Who having more
Needs the bringing down”
A tutting ensues

My Guardian Angel
Sitting in a sunlit corner
Raises himself from the woodwork
Begins to pace
While his wings beat out
His toing and froing

I turn over
Enjoying the warmth of the sun
Like a cat on a summer day
He’ll be at that for a while
Until finally stopping
Shutting out the sunlight

“I know why you do not smile
But one must be brave
Stand tall
Walk forward”
I tell him he’s otherworldly
Does not understand the complications
Of the material world

Big mistake!

“When Lucifer threatened the throne
Did we not stand
Battle brother with brother
Watch them expelled from Heaven
Into a fiery tomb?

Yet here I stand
Knowing the light
Always smiling
Always loving
Always giving when needed
Because I let it go
Walked into the light
And gave thanks”

I sit up
Open my eyes to the world
Slap Fear around the head a few times
As it always makes me feel better
Get out of bed
Facing the window

He stands behind me
“Yes it will be scary
Yes it will be hard
But know this
We are here always
Helping you up with kindness
Should you fall
All you need do
Is listen with your heart”

“What did you say?”
To busy watching
The dancing of nature
In the setting of autumn

“Never mind” says he
“It will come to you later
When you dream”


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